DAY 3: Danger and blood cells

Day 3 and there’s no let up in the number of chats and questions – 4,400 students registered and nearly 2,500 answered questions, not to mention loads more chats!

Today’s highlights in the Cells Zone:

  • We might be better at sensing danger if we put down our mobiles:

grobp001 : how is it that animals can sense danger before humans ?

andrewdevitt : I guess they are more sensitive than us. I think we have more power than we give ourselves credit for and if we weren’t clogged up with phones and technology we might be more aware! I love my phone though

  • Green white blood cells?!

bluebell11341 : what types of colour does blood cells come in

alexisbarr : red blood cells are red because of haemoglobin. White blood cells are white – no haemoglobin.

andrewdevitt : red and white. But the white ones can be green!

  • And Helen explains blood types:

Why do we have different blood types like A positive or O negative?


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